1/8/2007 - Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga
A Turtles Day


As we were setting up the boat for our dive trip, we noticed in the bottom of a local fishing boat a small female Hawksbill turtle had been caught and was still alive.

We spoke to the fisherman and paid him for the turtle, in the hopes we could rescue it. The turtle had a cut on its head and was very dazed but still breathing.

We placed the turtle on our dive boat and headed out to one of the dive sites. Paul spent 15 minutes supporting the turtle on the surface whilst he tried to get her moving again.

She slowly came around and after a while was lifting her own head out the water and splashing around.

Paul released her and the boat stayed in the area for a further 10 minutes to watch, she came up to the surface twice and seemed to be much more aware.

We hope that she was strong enough to make it, we took photos of her shell in the hopes that we will know if we see her again.