Other Equipment

Rental Equipment
We are proud to offer top of the line Scubapro for our selection of rental equipment in all sizes. Including the new Aladin Tec Computers and the extremely popular full foot Twin Jet Fin, as well as a full range of sizes in 3mm wetsuits. We normally use steel 80 cu ft as our dive tank, but we do offer Aluminum 63 and 100 cu ft tanks by request.

Nitrox Compressor System
Dive Vava'u is the first and only dive shop in the entire Kingdom of Tonga to offer Nitrox. Where most fill stations pumping nitrox use a membrane system limiting the max O 2 available, we actually make our own O 2 on site! Using our Oxygen generator system, not only can we deliver the normal 32% mix as a standard, but also we can even custom blend any nitrox mix up to 80% for technical diving. This not only allows us to broaden our capabilities, but it also lets us give back to the community by donating oxygen to the local hospitals.