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Diving & Snorkeling in Vava'u

Vava'u offers a vast array of year round diving for all levels and experiences. Topographically, the islands of Vava'u offer stunning underwater caverns and cave systems, where divers can surface in different chambers, and encounter the marine life that inhabit these areas.

Soft Coral walls and large Sea Fans can be found on many of the dive sites, and there is even a wreck dive within the sheltered harbor waters. Mandarin Fish and Seahorses have also been located in the main harbor.

With our high speed boat most of the dive sites are within a 20 minute ride, enabling us to spend more time underwater and also to see the beauty of the islands as we travel.

A variety of snorkeling sites are available and with the crystal clear waters that surround some of the islands, it is an ideal opportunity for people to discover the marine life. Most of the caverns are accessible from the topside by kayak and snorkel, so for the non-divers in your life there are still things to do.